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Beautiful Distractions: Coping w/Crushing While Creating…

It is my belief that, as a writer, you have to be observant of everything. For me, people-watching strongly influences my writing process. While people-watching, I’m picking up on context clues in conversations, nonverbal communication or body language as well as dreaming up various scenarios and their potential outcomes. During the course of observing life, … Continue reading

About Writer’s Block: “Why Are You So Afraid of a Blank Page?”

Any writer worth their salt has suffered from writer’s block. I’m sure of it. If I meet someone who says they’re a writer and claim to have never dealt with it, I’d think they were lying or perhaps writing is simply a hobby and not a serious profession.  For the most part, writing is hard … Continue reading

Short Story: Cocoa Butter

COCOA BUTTER Ms. Uptown sits in Republic Coffee near the window on every visit.  The young dark-haired girl with the thousand tattoos and fifty piercings smiles at her as she enters and motions in the direction of the window seat if it’s vacant. Otherwise, she heads over to the occupants and informs them of the … Continue reading

What Non-Writers Need To Know About Writers…

This is for all of the non-writers out there. Writer friends, feel free to share this with your non-writing friends so they can ‘get’ us, finally. For many of my writer friends, I speak for them. We hold Skype video chats and bi-monthly conference calls discussing people like you who complicate our writing process due … Continue reading

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