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Self Care and PC Games

Have any of you heard of BigFish Games? I’ve been a member of this gaming site for a few years now. For $6.99 a month, I get a gaming credit that I can use towards one of the many games featured on the site. I have a tendency to play mostly time management and word … Continue reading

Loving TeaCakes

“She couldn’t make him look just like any other man to her. He looked like the love thoughts of women.” — Zora Neale Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God I was asked to write this piece, although it’s something that I’ve been wanting to address from my angle anyway; that’s why there wasn’t any hesitation … Continue reading

Beautiful Distractions: Coping w/Crushing While Creating…

It is my belief that, as a writer, you have to be observant of everything. For me, people-watching strongly influences my writing process. While people-watching, I’m picking up on context clues in conversations, nonverbal communication or body language as well as dreaming up various scenarios and their potential outcomes. During the course of observing life, … Continue reading

On Being a Bad Ass…

Have you ever noticed the contradiction in how we approach confidence and braggadocio? While we harp consistently on being confident, we also warn against bragging. From my experiences, bragging usually occurs when someone doesn’t have any real proof of their badassness. However, there’s some of us out here that should stop every now and again … Continue reading

“….But I Live in This City, Though….”

When you’re an artist of some kind, oftentimes, when residing in a city other than Los Angeles or New York City, you’re told that you have to leave in order to succeed. You’ll hear several individuals using their positions as supportive friends and colleagues to point out the plethora of resources and opportunities in other … Continue reading

Faking Orgasms

It’s a metaphor, but I made you look, didn’t I? This post is about art and living as an artist, I promise. Just follow me here. Creative energy is at the heart of both coital activity and artistic expression.  Let’s make the connection here. When using creative energy to engage in sexual activity, humans can … Continue reading

Southern Eccentrik Podcast: Episode 1 — Advantages of Approaching Men

SE Podcast: Episode 1– Advantages of Approaching Men In an effort to expand the offerings of this blog, I’ve decided to start a podcast! YAY ME! Ok, the blog will still have mainly written posts, however, from time to time, I’ll do a podcast episode.  For my first episode, I decided to do something that’s … Continue reading

Tipping on the Tightrope: Balancing Cosmic Flyness w/ Being ‘Regular’

I’ll admit it. I have trouble being myself all of the time, not because I don’t know me. On the contrary, I’ve been studying myself for as long as I can remember so I’m quite comfortable with all of my imperfections and facets.  For a brief moment in my life, though, feeling like an oddball … Continue reading

“I’m Open”: The Beauty of Emotional Vulnerability

Here’s a post that I just wrote for the blog, Love Jones Lifestyle. I’m a co-contributor over there…. Whether we admit it or not, all of us have veils to cover our faces and fortresses around our hearts. Anything that will reveal the depth of our emotions is generally shielded from the piercing eyes of … Continue reading

The Single Life Remix

This is dedicated to the courageous women who dare to be over 35…..and single. The ones who boldly arise every day to stare down traditional values and dare them to stress us any longer. This is an anointed lot of the Black single woman population who are fed up with the drab statistics and the … Continue reading

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