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The Problem w/’Hoes’

Confession: I’ve been called a ‘ho’ before by a man that did not have any prior knowledge of my sexual tendencies. It was a typical nightclub scene that involved a 20 something Me chilling with my friends.  The whole ordeal was common, so common that many of my friends and I knew how to deal … Continue reading

I’m Not Olivia Pope or Mary Jane So….Now What?

When the ABC and BET television executives met to discuss the demographics before premiering their shows, Scandal and Being Mary Jane, they had women like me in mind; Black, educated, professional or semi-professional, ages 25 or 30 plus, and highly interested in watching a show starring a strong Black female lead.  Both shows are supposed … Continue reading

Stage Plays Don’t Grow on Trees, Ya Know….

I am a Playwright. Yes, I am Black so that means I do Black plays. Yes, I am a woman so that means I do Black plays that are woman-centered.  But let me be clear. I do not do gospel plays or urban stage plays, which in many cases, are technically the same thing. I … Continue reading


“Thus all Art is propaganda and ever must be, despite the wailing of the purists. I stand in utter shamelessness and say that whatever art I have for writing has been used always for propaganda for gaining the right of black folk to love and enjoy. I do not care a damn for any art … Continue reading

Too Black, Too Strong…

While in high school, I was in the Air Force Junior ROTC program with the intention of enlisting in the Air Force or the Navy after graduation.  The Navy was part of the choice because my boyfriend, at the time, was riding the high seas aboard the USS Detroit and I wanted to be a … Continue reading

Hip Hop & the Grown Woman

Both Hip Hop & I have come a long way since 1982 when it blessed my life. It is a worldwide game-changer, while I owe much of my cultural, artistic, & personal development to its influence.  As I get ready to round out this 3rd decade of living, I can honestly say that I’m just … Continue reading

Letting Art Imitate Life….

So, here I am, deep into the draft for my next stageplay, Honey’s Kitchen. I’m constantly developing the story, the characters, and envisioning the set.  Then, one day in February, a tragic event stopped my creation process dead in its tracks.  I came across a headline about an unarmed teenager murdered by, of all things, … Continue reading

A Perspective (and Rant) About Red Tails

By now, you’re fully aware that, Red Tails, George Lucas’ cinematic account of the Tuskegee Airmen opened in theaters across the country this weekend.  Sitting in my cushiony seat at the Malco Paradiso theater on Saturday night, I thought about all of the hype before the film; the barrage of posts on my FB newsfeed … Continue reading

A Word About Amber Cole

So, I went to dinner with three friends this past Friday night. We were sitting at a hibachi table with a brotha and his daughter and son.  Before they left, we found out that it was the young girl’s birthday and that she was turning fifteen.  In the midst of dinnertime conversation, the subject of … Continue reading

Cultural Translation, or, They Might Read About ‘Madea’ in a History Book One Day.

Cultural Translation: The first time I heard this term, it was being used by a political science professor to describe the late Isaac Hayes.  At the opening ceremony for Kwanzaa 2006, the artist formerly known as Black Moses was standing alongside the former Superintendent of Memphis City Schools (Memphis, TN), Carolyn Johnson as official ceremonial royalty. … Continue reading

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