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How to Survive in Memphis (or just about anywhere)…..When You’re an Artist

There is a definitive difference between artists and entertainers. The most common but erroneous difference is that most people think artists are broke and entertainers are rich. On the contrary, there are some rich artists and some broke entertainers. Artists are generally, although loosely, defined by their ability to create a work with a specific … Continue reading

Cloud of Witnesses: Maggie Lena Walker

In the first installment of the Cloud of Witnesses series, I wanted to, in many instances, introduce some of us to Black women that may have been cast aside on the historical trail.  If they garner any mention, it’s not sufficient as most of these women accomplished feats in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  … Continue reading

The Death of the Starving Artist

Wikipedia, the Super Site of Need to Know, defines the starving artist as someone who has given up the comfort and luxuries of material gain for the sake of their craft. The term has been around for ages, attaching itself to many of the world’s artistic geniuses.  Seemingly, it applied to painters and sculptors; individuals … Continue reading

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