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Back Again!

First of all, let me apologize for my absence.  I’ve been quite busy with so many other projects that blogging was waaaay down on the list.  However, here I am….again, committing myself to making Southern Eccentrik and every other endeavor I’m working on a complete success!


Perhaps the best thing to do is change my blogging schedule.  Initially, I was planning to blog twice a week but that was grueling in light of all of my other stuff.  So I’ve decided to try to post at least once a week to this blog.

I’ve also been working on landing some guest bloggers and expanding Southern Eccentrik’s scope of opinions and such.  That way, I can kill two birds with one stone: 1) keep the blog updated with fresh content and 2) spare me the item on the To-Do List to post when there’s just not enough time and space.

I’ve been looking at my blog stats and surprisingly, there are some people landing on the posts.  That’s a great feeling, ya know? But I gotta keep it up so that it will matter in the long run.


About Chandra Kamaria

Chandra Kamaria is a playwright, essayist, culture maven, educator, entrepreneur, and activist. To learn more, visit


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