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Yes, I’m Still Here…

I went on hiatus for awhile. Why? Because a little something called Life happened. You know, it only takes one bump in the road to make the car swerve. So, here I am, getting back on my writing schedule! Hallelujah! As much as writing brings me alive, you would think I’d write every day…and in my head, I do…because I’m thinking all damn day about something. But in the middle of Life’s errands, the time to get down to the business of scribing lost out, unfortunately.   But NO MORE!!!

I’m gonna write b/c to me, writing is breathing.

So, here’s to Life….may it continue to happen, but may I also, God help me, continue to happen, too. I have been charged with ensuring that the Southern Eccentrik is put on the map and taken seriously.  I’ve accepted that charge and will allow myself to be held accountable for my missteps and inconsistency.

About Chandra Kamaria

Chandra Kamaria is a playwright, essayist, culture maven, educator, entrepreneur, and activist. To learn more, visit


One thought on “Yes, I’m Still Here…

  1. Great to see you’re back! I really enjoy your blog.

    Posted by Amy | July 28, 2009, 1:51 pm

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